Back to Scotland

Last year, Dave and I planned a second trip to Scotland. At the time we planned the trip, his oldest son James was single. We invited him to join us if he could get himself there and back. Mark, Dave’s youngest son was still living at home and as he had an overseas trip when he was younger, the invitation was not extended to him. We booked a time share unit in Aberfoyle with one bedroom and a fold out double bed in the lounge. Since then, James has moved in with his girlfriend and has started a new job. And he won’t be joining us. Mark has moved to Newcastle and we invited him to come and spend the week with us. Mark however has taken his leave in August to go to Amsterdam and so we will only be spending a short time with him in Edinburgh.

We land on the Friday and Mark will catch the train and join  us. That night we have dinner planned at the Scran and Scallie, owned by one of our favourite chefs, Tom Kitchin. Mark leaves on the Saturday to get home in time to attend a friend’s wedding and we will drive ourselves to Aberfoyle. We have planned on spending 6 nights there, 2 nights on Islay and a night in Campbelltown on the way back. I am so looking forward to this trip. Hope you will enjoy the journey with us!


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