Paris to Edinburgh – September 4

Woke up far too early in my opinion, with not enough coffee. Had a lovely breakfast on the plane and after disembarking came through security to the transit lounge. There is no way to get to the Salon Icare Lounge that we can see. Had croissants and espresso – about a triple. Now waiting for our flight to Edinburgh which leaves at 10.
Arrived in Edinburgh and got through border control after a fair wait. Collected our bags – my lock had been broken off so while I reported that Dave changed our car hire booking. Caught the tram to York Place – free WiFi on the tram and an easy journey. Met Mark at the Hotel – so amazing to see him. Took a walk to the Albanach for lunch. I had Tobermory 10 year old to drink, Mark has the Auchentoshan “Three Wood” and Dave had a Springbank. I had scampi to eat which was excellent. Mark had a burger and Dave haggis. We then walked up to the castle and back and found a shop selling charms. Then found another shop selling spurdles. Stopped for coffee before heading down to Holyrood House and then a nice walk past monuments, through cemeteries, and up to see views over the city. Now back at the hotel relaxing before dinner. We had Laduree macarons for tea. A treat from Paris. Frambois for me, chocolate for Mark and salted caramel for Dave. It’s amazing to just spend time with Mark and a blessing.
Mark got dressed into the clothes he’s wearing to a Victorian wedding. He looks fantastic! After a shower and some relaxing we took a walk to the Scran and Scallie. Meaning food and children, Tom Kitchin’s gastro pub is amazing. The food was excellent and the staff fantastic. I will do a review on my blog. We had a good walk back to the Hotel and within 5 minutes of getting here exhaustion set in. I was so happy with how Mark can just chat with us about anything! I climbed into bed and discovered the soft mattress is actually the springs which have given in. Despite that, and the noise, I managed a fair night’s sleep.





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